Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Help, help!" cried the Goat Borrower.....

It's hard to make a fashion statement when you've only go the one sweater.

My new rosebud towel-blankie!

**I've just washed my hair and I can't do a thing with it!

Help! I'm being held hostage by a 3 pound baby goat!
(and loving every minute of it!)

Darla is much better. No chills and no wet poops.
Eating much better and settling into a routine and looking
much less weak than last week.

Pics are hard to grab as I'm alone in the barn now as we've divided up the schedule and now Farmer knows I won't (probably) get myself trampled by goats. ;)

Hoping to catch up and blog this weekend!

I have to say you've all been so kind to me in welcoming me into your herd but
I can't help but feel as though I miss a bit of chat due to the nature of blog design. Should anyone care to they can find me on Facebook under: Mimi Foxmorton
I hate to think I'm missing valuable and fun goat comments! ;)
Or always feel free to email me at

I'm still on the upswing of the goat coat learning curve. Much like my fabulous hats I can make a fantastic hat.....but it won't necessarily fit! lol
But I've purchased some fleece and am giving it a go.

Lucky Nickle- Do please let me know when you post the Diaper Kaper as I'll be at that point soon and I want (need!) to know all about what NOT to do! lol

Millie- I'm hoping I didn't miss a continuation of Millie:The Early Days.....I am so enjoying the story. (Plus it made me feel better to know that things that bleak can be turned around with love.)

Looking forward to the weekend when I'll be free to be with Darla all day!

love you all.......
Don't talk about cool goat stuff without us......
~Mimi & Darla

**Disclaimer: Just joking. We try very hard to keep both ends dry around here. ;)


Pricilla said...

Goats can be all consuming - it's how we plan to take over the world.

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Diaper post is waiting for you!
And Millie's continuation of her kid-hood is also up!
Get reading! :-)
Love the new towel - so adorable!

Pat - Arkansas said...

Darla is going to be one spoiled goat! Go for it!

She looks really cute in her new rosebud towel-blankie! :)

Millie said...

So glad Darla is feeling better. I knew you'd be an awesome goat mom!

Marigold said...

I want a rosebud blankie! Or, come to think of it, maybe one with Peanuts on it. You have a good goatmother, Darla. I hope you appreciate her. I'm STILL waiting for mine to crochet me a coat.