Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Life Gets Bigger

That's my butt in my new underpants!

My new IPeed shirt. Maa says I have "serious muffin top"

My new family with Big Brother

My new outfit

Hi Everyone,

It's me again, Darla Rose Caprine.
Today I found out I have even *more* family!
My Big Big Sissy and my nice Heidi (I'm an Aunt, *giggle*)
came to visit and brought me presents! Presents are wicked cool especially when they're pink!
Everyone was very nice but I was exhausted when they left and Maa said I passed out like a drunk in a gutter. Whatever that means.
Maa took some pics of me posing so you can see my new outfit.
I AM a big show off, aren't I?

Stay warm everyone!


Pricilla said...

You are stylin'

Sandy said...

Maaaam should cut a hole out for your wee tail! But you are VERY cute, Darla-do.

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Darla, you are clearly the most coveted goat ever! Everybody wants to come and visit you! How lucky you are to have such a big family!

Millie said...

So nice that you are doing so well and feeling up to visitors.